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Quick Guide

About TUM Ebursary.
This is an online bursary application system that help Technical University of Mombasa students apply & aquire (TUMSO BURSARIES) easily and quickly.
To get started.
  • You are required to be a continuing student of Technical University of Mombasa.
  • Create an account with TUMSO by signing up.
  • Ensure you complete setting up your profile with all relevant details.
  • Apply bursary by clicking on "apply now" button in the homepage. You will be prompted to download the prefilled application form for signing take it to relevant offices for signing then submit it back through your account in this system ie in PNG/JPG formats(You can scan or Take quality picture with your Phone) .
  • Getting Awarded.
  • TUMSO vetting team will receive your application and award you based on your qualification.
  • Ensure you upload quality documents & pictures as required.
  • NOTE: You cannot apply for other students under your account. This will lead to your disqualification.
  • Applications shall be within specified deadline.
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